As If Her Hair Weren't Perfect Enough

by Christine Cauthen

Every human's hair icon, Jessica Chastain, gave her gorgeous locks a new addition. That's right — Chastain got bangs. As if the Oscar-nominated star of Zero Dark Thirty and The Help's strawberry-golden locks weren't flawless enough, her self-declared "#brigittebardot" makeover took an already incredible look and gave it a hint of '60s flare that indeed seemed inspired by the sex kitten icon of the deade. Not only is Chastain about to dominate the hair game, but she also stole the show on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival this year. (Not to mention the festival itself — the actress won rave reviews for her appearance in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby , which is already inspiring Academy Awards chatter.) Can you say "fashion moment"?

And that moment isn't over. As far is '60s hairstyles go, Chastain isn't the first or the only star to bring a modern-day freshness to their throwback 'do, but she is the most recent. Her predecessors include rock stars, actresses, and generally badass women that we would be hard-pressed not to look up to. Here are just a few other celebrities that have taken a retro hairstyle and made the look fresh and new again.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is flawless. From her days as the lead vocalist for band No Doubt to her more recent times as not only a musician, but a six-pack-clad mother, the star has a certain timeless beauty about her. Using victory rolls and high ponytails, Gwen keeps vintage looking brand-new.

2. Dita Von Teese

Not only is Dita Von Teese the ex-wife of shock-star Marylin Manson, she's also a burlesque bombshell and someone that stays true to an overall vintage vibe. From corsets to garter belts, Von Teese is practically synonymous to "retro glamour."

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry can pull off quite a bit. She wears her hair in almost all of the shades of the rainbow, but also rocks a bold shade of black just as well. From strawberry costumes to vintage pencil skirts, Perry's worn nearly all the throwback styles that have returned to the fashion limelight. And on the cover of her album One of the Boys, she looks like a pinup diva in high-waisted shorts. Forget the boys — who doesn't want to be this girl?

4. Zooey Deschanel

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From her sultry voice to her iconic bangs, Deschanel brought vintage flair to the new generation. Her style, accompanied by her thick, blunt bangs and penchant for bold mascara is classically cool.

5. Janelle Monae

Monae uses a signature bouffant, soft makeup, and a plethora of menswear to tap into a more alternative vintage vibe. Rather than bask in the overly feminine, she makes suit jackets, bowties and tailored pants pretty.

Images: Jessica Chastain/Instagram; MTV; Elle; Belladora Fashions; NPR