Is Madonna Collaborating With Disclosure on New Album? It's Time for a Madge Rumor Round-Up

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Madonna’s upcoming 13th studio album. This past weekend, the pop music legend posted some pictures of herself on Instagram with U.K. dance act Disclosure at The Governors Ball music festival in New York City. Naturally, this caused some fans to speculate that Madonna is going to work with the talented duo on her new album. Admittedly, it’s kind of a stretch, but it would be pretty cool if the rumblings of a Madonna/Disclosure collaboration turned out to be true — but that’s just the tip of the Madonna rumor iceberg!

On May 16, Billboard posted a clip of a blistering, disco-infused track to their website. They said that they had been “sworn to secrecy” regarding the identity of the artist, but called the mystery musician a “shape-shifting dance legend.” This description, in addition to the fact that Billboard used the word “vogue” in their brief write-up, sparked rumors that the song belonged to none other than the Queen of the Dance Floor herself, Madonna.

On May 24, Madonna fanned the flames of these rumors by posting what appeared to be artwork for a new song to Instagram called, “Unapologetic Bitch." Hmm, was “Unapologetic Bitch” the song that Billboard had posted online?

Things got even more complicated when Madonna put up this picture the next day along with the hashtag, “#unapologeticbitch”:

Suddenly, the Internet exploded with cries of, “Oh my gosh, is Madonna putting out a new single featuring Katy Perry???” After all, the two women had just done a sexy photo shoot for V magazine together. It all seemed totally possible. Hell, it seemed more than just “possible,” it seemed almost inevitable! Why else would Madonna post a picture with a blatant Perry reference AND the “#unapologeticbitch” hashtag in the caption?

Unfortunately, things have been pretty silent on the “Unapologetic Bitch” front since then. Aside from the pictures with Disclosure, Madonna hasn’t posted any more “hints” to Instagram (although she did use the "#unapologeticbitch" hashtag again a few days ago), and Billboard still hasn’t revealed the name of the artist who recorded the mysterious disco track. What gives? Did the fans make all of this stuff up in their heads? Or is there really a Madonna connection here? Is “Unapologetic Bitch” the name of her new single?? IS PERRY FEATURED ON IT??? Sigh.

As always, take this all with a grain of salt. At this point, this is all just unconfirmed gossip, but you never know what might happen! Secrets and “surprise” releases seem to be the norm in this post-Beyoncé world we’re livin’ in. I just wish Madge would throw us a bone and clear up some of these rumors!

Hopefully new music from the original "Material Girl" will be arriving soon.

Images: madonna/Instagram