Video for Karmin's "Hello" Will Have the Tune Stuck in Your Head All Day Long — VIDEO

After two weeks of it cycling through my brain non-stop I really needed to get Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" out of my head, and for that I am grateful to Karmin. Why? Because now I'm definitely going to have Karmin's "Hello" stuck in my head instead for the next few days.

The song was written by Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan — AKA the two peeps who make up the American pop duo — alongside their production team. The official music video (below) was filmed in Los Angeles' China Town plaza, and the song's chorus might remind you of a certain Nirvana song.

If you recognize the voices of Karmin it's probably from that one Twizzlers ad. The pair are a couple in real life, too. Here's what they have to say about touring together:

You guys just started your first headlining tour in the US. What is the best and worst part of touring together?
Nick Noonan: Um, she’s right here! No, it’s real life, you can’t turn it off. If you spend enough time with anyone, that’s when you always bitch at each other, you can’t escape. So we have moments of that.
AH: We argued like an hour ago actually.
NN: I don’t know if that was….
AH: (Laughs). It wasn’t a fight, it was escalated talking, let’s put it that way.
NN: It was intense conversation.

Somehow they're even cute when they're fighting? And their music ain't bad either:

KarminVEVO on YouTube

Update: This article originally stated that this music video was "new," which is incorrect: The video was in fact released two years ago. The copy has been changed to reflect that.

Image: Karmin/Youtube