One 'LoL' Is Already In The Tabloids

by Kristie Rohwedder

I don't follow British tabloids, but I need to remedy that. STAT. Monday night's Ladies of London "news" legitimately surprised me, and it shouldn't have. Tsk tsk, Rohwedder. Tsk tsk. The big "reveal": Caprice Bourret was expecting not one, but two children. Both Caprice and a surrogate were pregnant at the same time.

(Yes, I realize if I'd done something as simple as look at Caprice's Wikipedia page, I would've known that Caprice had two sons last year. Give me some time to get comfortable with this cast. We're only on episode two.)

During Monday night's episode, Caprice breaks the news about the surrogate a few days before the Ladies go to The Serpentine Summer Party. And she doesn't just send out a mass e-mail to her closest friends and relatives. She reaches out to a reporter at The Sun. She figures the story is less likely to wind up a diluted mess/rumor mill fodder if she is the one who shares it. The Sun puts the story on the cover. Other tabloids run the story. Everyone is talking about the story. The story is difficult to miss.

All of the Ladies see the announcement in the tabloids, natch. And all of the Ladies have opinions regarding Caprice's decision to announce it this way, natch.

Marissa Hermer, Juliet Angus, and Annabelle Neilson seem to think it's over-the-top, but they aren't offended by Caprice's move. Noelle Reno appears to love whatever Caprice does. Caroline Stanbury, however, isn't having it for a moment.

Caroline calls it "tacky," says Caprice is a "walking advertisement for herself," and gives Caprice the ol' side eye for "depending" on the press. Caprice sees value in being in the papers (it benefits both her personal brand and her business), but Caroline says she'd be "mortified" to maintain a relationship with the press like Caprice does. Different strokes, different folks?

Yikes. And here I thought Caprice and Caroline were chummy.

As much as I loved Caroline keepin' it salty, I must say my favorite part of the episode was the commercial breaks. And no, not because the episode wasn't good. The episode was good. But the commercials kept making me laugh out loud. Well, one commercial, that is: On multiple occasions, Juliet or Caroline or whoever would be talking about Caprice, and then we'd cut to two moms on a school bus chatting about Capri Suns. CAPRI SUNS. CAPRICE-UNS. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Whoever schedules the commercials is a genius.

Image: Bravo