'Orange Is the New Black's Photo-Sharing App Reveals Netflix's Genius Marketing Campaign

Netflix is really stepping up their advertisement game. Apparently, there are still some people who are living under a rock that have never heard of Orange is the New Black. Or maybe they're appealing to the people who didn't lock themselves in their rooms last weekend to binge watch the entire second season. Either way, for those who are already sick of Netflix's Flappy Bird-inspired OITNB game Feisty Chicken, they've launched a photo-sharing download called Orange is the New App.

The general point of the app is to upload photos of yourself that you can put into bed with Alex Vause or side-by-side with Red. You can customize cards, create your own memes, and share emojis via social media or SMS. It's available from iTunes or the Google Play store and it's just another way Netflix has come up with to make being a fan of Orange is the New Black that much more awesome.

To be fair, it's already awesome to be an OITNB fan. Can you imagine your life before Taystee, Alex Vause, and Crazy Eyes? I know I can't. However, the fact that Netflix is coming up with all of these bonus, cutting edge promotional efforts really speaks to the effectiveness of viral marketing. Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series, which means you don't get to see a lot of trailers and advertisements for the show on television. In fact, I heard of it through good old word of mouth (well, word of Internet, but that's the same thing these days). Unfortunately — or fortunately all things considered — that meant that the draw of OITNB had to rely entirely on the strength of the characters and plot.

Now, not only can you watch it on Netflix, but gamers can play it. Selfie addicts can add themselves into the action (sort of). Netflix is taking advantage of every popular Internet channel to spread the glory of Orange is the New Black far and wide in addition to the traditional use of trailer-based marketing. Orange is the New Black is a new show for a new digital age and the fact that Netflix is, essentially, playing that up as its strength is a more effective marketing tactic than any of us realize.

Sure, no app or game is going to fill the void that will exist in all of us until season three of Orange is the New Black comes out, but they'll definitely help keep us all talking during the long, long, long wait. As if we needed more reasons to keep talking about this show.

Image: Netflix; Tumblr