She Gave Ed Sheeran the Best Gift Ever

by Kadeen Griffiths

What do Taylor Swift and Drake have in common? Thankfully, not very much. I would have never even imagined that Taylor Swift was the kind of person to listen to Drake's music until now. Then again, I suppose you don't actually have to listen to Drake in order to know key phrases like "YOLO" and "Started From the Bottom". But just in case you thought that knowledge was too out of character for the Taylor Swift you know, fear not. She revealed her Drake fan love in just about the most Swifty way possible. Swift made Ed Sheeran a Drake needlepoint and that's currently holding the record for the most adorable thing she's ever done.

The needlepoint bears the quote "Started From the Bottom Now We're Here" and features little stick figures of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran climbing a flight of stairs. Sheeran has a word bubble that says legos, Swift has a word bubble that says cats, and they both have a word bubble that has music notes in it. There's also a quote from Sheeran himself that says "The struggle is real" to tie it all together with a bunch of twinkling stars.

If that sounds exactly that something Taylor Swift would do, it's because you're right. Remember Swift made a video diary of a fan's bridal shower not too long ago, which previously held the Swifty record. For people wondering what it means to be "Swifty", to me it's essentially taking an ordinary event or thing and making it as intentionally cute in the most showy yet endearing way possible. What other celebrity do you know who would fly out to attend a fan's bridal shower? Now how many celebrities do you know who would make a video diary of the act? That's just Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with being Swifty. Taylor Swift is one of those artists that you either really love or really hate because she's just so sweet that some people can't believe that it's not an act. And, speaking as a fan, I'm sure that to some extent her entire aesthetic is exaggerated. I don't doubt that Swift loves dresses and red lip stick and needlepoint and cats as much as she seems to, but there is a note of showmanship in the way she chooses to express that love.

To be unfair for a moment and compare her to Jennifer Lawrence, Lawrence maintains her relatability due to the sheer fact that many of her adorkable stunts seem to be accidentally caught on camera. Swift broadcasts her life in such a way that it can sometimes feel as if she's shoving her cuteness in everyone's face. That's a bizarre thing to complain about in a social media savvy world like the one that we live in, but the fact still remains that overexposure such that Swift has gotten since her career took off will earn you as many haters as you have fans.

Taylor Swift loses some relatability when it starts to feel like she does things just so she can talk about them later. Say what you want about her music career, but, while Swift's songs did benefit from her exes, she doesn't date guys just so she can write her songs. She also didn't give Ed Sheeran this needlepoint just so we would see it in his upcoming documentary; that was his choice to show it. However, filming her fan's bridal shower and tweeting to make sure all of her fans are aware that her needlepoint will appear in the documentary? That's where being showy comes in.

So, yeah, we can all roll our eyes and say, "There she goes again, being Taylor Swift", but at the end of the day it's a good thing that Taylor Swift is herself. Girliness and cuteness are too often demonized in our society and if you could do needlepoint like a boss then you would probably brag about it, too. Maybe not while quoting Drake, but, hey, she's just being Swifty.

For more on the history and significance of Swift's needlepoint — and more on Ed Sheeran aka the man who made you cry (again) on The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack — check out MTV's 9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran documentary on Tuesday at 11 p.m.

Image: MTV