Fashion Grandpas Is Your New Favorite Instagram (This Week, Anyway)

Guess what time it is? That’s right: Time to talk about my new favorite image-based web phenomenon this week. It’s not a Tumblr, but I’m going to make an exception to the Tumble of the Week roll on which I seem to be, because this Instagram is totally worth it. It’s called Fashion Grandpas, and it is full of adorable, extremely well-dressed little old men. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I desperately, desperately want every single one of them to be my grandpa.

Created by Christina Belchere, a 23-year-old New Yorker who works in fashion PR, Fashion Grandpas features the most dapper of New York’s aged gentlemen in all their suspendered, capped, and cravated glory. It saw its origins back in March, when Belchere noticed that her iPhone was full of photos of what would become its subjects. “My personal style is very androgynous, as I have always preferred men’s clothing over women’s,” she said to Business Insider. “I take pictures of any man or woman (or building, or artwork) in this stylish city for my own fashion inspiration reference, and I started to notice there were a ton of grandpas starting to accumulate in my photostream.” She added, “The response has been incredible. I was just surprised to see that no one had come up with it first. The amount of fashion grandpas in New York is obscene once you are aware of the concept.”

And by “obscene,” we mean “awesome.” Who else could rock a pocket square as hard as this guy?

Or a scarf as stylishly as this guy?

It’s after Memorial Day, and this guy knows where his white suit is at:

And nobody but nobody pulls off a fedora and walking stick quite like this guy:

There is no doubt about it: These super chic dudes are the best. They might want to watch out, though — if they’re not careful, they might find themselves in the position of having their wardrobes stolen right out from under their very noses. Bow ties aren’t just for gentlemen, after all!

Images: Fashion Grandpas/Instagram