'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' Season 4 Trailer Features a Whole lot of Sarah Jessica Parker — VIDEO

One of my favorite things is seeing famous people in real life doing normal things — stars, they're just like us!—which is why I love Jerry Seinfeld's Emmy-nominated web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and the new trailer for Season 4 looks incredibly promising. The newest season will debut on June 19, and it looks like this time, Jerry is even letting his friends drive! Among the guests: Aziz Ansari, Jon Stewart, George Wallace and Robert Klein. In the first teaser trailer we got to see Seinfeld get embarrassed by George Wallace in a cheesy, neon-lit restaurant, and here's what we get in the new trailer: a beautiful Jaguar, lots of beautiful shots of coffee pouring, and for some reason, a lot of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Even though Parker isn't a standup comedian, she's featured prominently in the trailer (feels like we've seen most of her episode), but she's surprisingly charming! She gives Seinfeld some backseat driving directions, reveals that she really loves the smell of gasoline, and even sings a little song. She's a funny lady, I'll give her that — and maybe that means in future seasons there will be more women on the show (Tina Fey's episode was one of the best yet). Also, Seinfeld compliments Aziz Ansari on his hand gestures, which really are hilarious. There's also a three-legged dog!

Season 4 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premieres on June 19.


Image: Jerry Seinfeld