PSAs...For Your Pet

You've seen the ASPCA public service announcements, with pictures of sad-eyed dogs scrolling across the screen while Sarah Mclachlan's "Angel" plays, all melancholy, in the background. These PSAs are targeted towards us, dog lovers and potential dog owners. But while we are learning about the state of dogs, what do dogs need to know about themselves and the world around them? It's hard to navigate a confusing, exciting, and scary world of scalpel-wielding veterinarians and exciting things to pee on.

College Humor has our furry friends in mind and, with the help of graphic designer Shea Strauss, they've created 10 hilarious public service announcements for the discerning dog. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I'm sure canines will appreciate this effort to keep them informed on many important social and health issues, from animal euthanasia and social stereotyping to necessary disease tests. If dogs could read, they would certainly give an enthusiastic paws-up to College Humor's work here. Let's take a look at a few of the PSAs, and then you can go to their website for more.

I highly recommend you head over to College Humor to see the rest of the PSAs, and for more of Strauss' work, make sure to check out her website!

Images: CollegeHumor