Charlize Theron's New Reality Show Involves Geniuses Bunim/Murray

Charlize Theron has a production company, and it's named after her puppies. Denver and Delilah Films was responsible for both Monster and Young Adult, and is now joining with Bunim/Murray Productions to explore something completely different — reality TV. According to the LA Times, Charlize Theron and Bunim/Murray has bought the rights to an Israeli reality show called Whose Closet Is It Anyway, which, to be fair, looks pretty entertaining:

Mario Anjos on YouTube

The show, which will follow three contestants each episode as they live in each other's clothes, was optioned by the team after they began production on another reality show, Glam Wars, and realized just how many ways there are to make real people's lives entertaining.

We're of the opinion that the more widely accepted reality TV is as an art form, the more likely it is that the genre will continue to become increasingly fascinating and brilliant. We've had quite enough of watching 16-year-old moms and pageant-performing toddlers, and with the creators of a film like Monster aboard the reality train, we trust that the golden age of reality television is quickly approaching.