Lululemon Is Designing Tuxedos Now

Lululemon may have gotten a lot of flack over the last year (see: here and here), but they're trying really hard to win over the masses again, and I have to say — their latest move was pretty awesome. The activewear brand recently made a wedding tux for one of their supporters after he reached out to them on Lululemon's forum,

Last December, the active forum participant named Todd (username: Tmombach) left the following post: "How many people hate to dress up because they get WAY TOO HOT and uncomfortable. I for one do. I'm engaged and getting married soon... LULU DESIGN MY TUX!"

Although the forum receives countless messages a day, this particular comment caught Lululemon's attention. They replied, "When's the big day?" to which Todd responded,"My bride to be has been on her wedding dress kick lately and it got me thinking, what am I going to wear for my wedding. I started thinking about standing up as a groomsman, hot and sweaty, and it legit made me nervous. That's when i thought to myself, man if ONLY Lulu made a suit or a tux, it would save my life. I could Say Yes, greet guests, and dance all while staying cool and being in material that would allow me to actually move, unlike other tux's..." Good grammar is for squares, am I right?

A few months later, in April, Lululemon posted a photo of one of their designers hard at working creating a custom Lululemon tuxedo for Todd.

The caption for the photo read: "Cara Sumpton is working away on the Todd Tux and I wanted to share a little sneak peek with you!"

And just a few weeks later, Sumpton posted a photo of the finished product. In her message to Todd, the designer said she included "embroidered labels, flask pocket, cigar pocket [and a] reflective pocket square." Sumpton's only ask was that Todd "press the shit out out of [it]" for the big day. After all, it's a Lululemon tuxedo, which means it was made out of a wicking, breathable 4-way-stretch fabric, so at while it may not wrinkle, it looks way softer than most suits and Lululemon wanted to make sure he looks "extra cripsy" on his big day.

Todd was extremely grateful for his custom and most importantly, comfortable wedding tuxedo, thanking Lululemon for their creativity and thoughtfulness. I'm sure this won't be the last request for one, which makes me wonder — is formal wear Lululemon's next endeavor? Was this all a big publicity stunt to prep us for see-through wedding leggings?! Even if they aren't considering creating the a Lululemon wedding gown, could they compete with companies like Betabrand, who aims to bridge the gap between dressy clothes and activewear? I think you could be on to something, Lulu.

Image: Cara Sumpton/Instagram