He Thinks His Eyes are Damn Sexy

Celebrated actor and human meme Steve Buscemi appeared on Monday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote his current bevy of side projects that he’s got going on while Boardwalk Empire wraps it’s 5th and final season, which is set to air in the fall. During his interiew, Meyers took it upon himself to bring up the Buscemi Eyes web trend and its latest iteration with Disney princesses. Apparently Buscemi’s wife first pointed them out to him while giggling away at the Internet on her couch...Mrs. Buscemi, she’s just like us!

As embarrassed as he seemed about the meme, he did at least admit that the Buscemi eyes, “makes those characters a little hotter.” We wholeheartedly concur. And who knows, maybe Disney Princesses with Steve Buscemi’s Eyes on the Heads of Birds with Human Arms will become a thing. You never know what Reddit has up it’s sleeve, amiright?

Buscemi also revealed that he’s living every hipster’s dream by being Steve Buscemi, but also because he shoots video series with bands like Vampire Weekend and Grimes and shows up on Portlandia from time to time. As you do. He’s also got his own talk show called Park Bench that sometimes overlaps with his brother Michael’s talkshow Bench Talk which is filmed at the same park… because only in Steve Buscemi’s world, people.

Check out the clip below: