Jewelry Or Cell Phone Accessory?

If you're anything like me, then you really like a good accessory. And with that love, comes the inevitable collection of tech accessories, too. Even as someone who is not very tech-y at all (unless we're talking about the quality of my AIM buddy profile in middle school, which was, by the way, pure genius), I love my iPhone cases and fancy headphones as much as I love the perfect piece of jewelry. It's all part of the look, you know? So when I saw that a company has created something that is both jewelry and a tech accessory, I was immediately interested. New York-based startup Ringly has created a cocktail ring that connects with your phone and alerts you of messages by vibrating and lighting up.

The ring (which is actually quite pretty) connects with your phone via Bluetooth, is plated with 18K gold and made in four semiprecious stone colorways. Do I know what semiprecious stone colorway is? Not really, no. But it looks good and it sounds impressively fancy/high quality.

And given that Google Glass is really just not going to happen (sorry, DVF), it's nice to see that companies are thinking outside of the sort-of-kind-of-really-hideous-and-boring box and making wearable technology actually wearable — you know, in an attractive way.

Ringly's mobile app works with the ring, and you program it so the ring alerts you of whatever you want. Personally, I think it could be a little excessive to have your ring lighting up and vibrating at every single social media notification, you certainly have that option if it suits your fancy. But, as Fashionista pointed out, the beauty of Ringly is that you can use the technology to disconnect a little bit and program it so you are only notified of the most urgent things — and, maybe most importantly, when you've left your phone somewhere.

To me, this is like the grown-up version of a Ring Pop (which, by the way, were great). It kind of seems a little silly at first, maybe even a little unnecessary, but when you really think about it, it's just plain awesome. And fun. And actually much, much more useful than a Ring Pop. I have found in adulthood that candy jewelry is not really very practical in day-to-day life. Now only if there was wearable technology that was also candy. That would be a dream come true.