'Breaking Bad's R.J. Mitte Pays Tribute to TV Dad Walter White With Loving Father's Day Message — VIDEO

As TV dads go, Walter White wasn't exactly one of the best. Sure, he ate breakfast with his kids and gave them rides home from school, but the whole secret life as a meth dealer thing kind of colored his image as a doting father. That said, once his his children realized that their dad left them millions of dollars to collect at 18, they probably gave him a little leeway. At least, Walt. Jr. did, or, rather, R.J. Mitte, who paid tribute to his late Breaking Bad dad in a Youtube video released just in time for Father's Day.

In the video, part of a series released by Screen Junkies to honor movie/TV dads, Mitte speaks of his fictional father's commitment to his children.

"A lot of fathers say they would do anything to provide for their family," Mitte says, "but you, Walter White, really meant anything." He goes on to list some of the many things Walt did in the name of his family's well being — cook meth, poison a child, choke a prisoner – and also pokes fun at his own image.

"You sacrificed so much to make sure that your family always had what was most important – breakfast," says the world's biggest fan of bacon and eggs.

Mitte goes on to compliment his TV dad for always putting his kids first (well, except when money, pride, or anger was involved) and never letting his girlfriend choke on her own vomit, like he did with Jesse. Now that's a sign of good parenting.

And, despite Walt's choice to spend his dying days with Neo-Nazis and drug lords instead of his family, Mitte doesn't hold a grudge, because, really, "what other dad could rig an old Mexican cartel leader's wheelchair with a bomb and blow up a chicken franchise-owning drug dealer, ripping his entire face off?"

Not most dads, that's for sure. And that's why Walter White, says Mitte, is so special. The whole video is amusing, albeit very weird; did there really need to be a Father's Day tribute to a guy who was, let's face it, pretty much the worst TV dad ever? Then again, we'll take any reminder of Breaking Bad we can get; hopefully, Holly's belated Mother's Day video to Skyler will be coming out before long.

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Image: Ursula Coyote/AMC