11 Bridal Gifts For Every Beauty Obsessed Newlywed-To-Be

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No matter if she's a traditional, modern, and anything-in-between bride, every woman wants to be pampered on her wedding day. She's spent months (maybe years) planning and prepping every detail for one very special day — and she's going to want to look damn good from the moment she steps onto the aisle all the way until the cake is cut.

But before all of that, there are engagement parties and bridal showers on the agenda. These occasions are the perfect opportunities to gift something a little more fun (but just as practical) than that vacuum cleaner she registered for at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

With all of this in mind, here are 11 thoughtful beauty boxes, sets, and gifts that any bride-to-be is sure to love almost as much as the person she's about to marry. Almost.

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