These Besties Got Matching Tattoos

Forget friendship bracelets. When you're Cara Delevingne and your best friend is Jourdan Dunn, you don't just display your BFF-ness in any of the old cliche ways. Of course not. Why braid each other's hair and make matching jewelry when you can do something that says "we're rebellious, cool, in our early 20s, and world-famous supermodels" in a much more literal way? Exactly. Delevingne and Dunn recently got matching tattoos — and to be honest? I'm not even a little bit surprised.

The tattoos sit on the lower right hip of both models, and are simply the letters 'DD.' I, personally, have no idea what this is supposed to mean — something about their last names, most likely. But, then again, I also think it's a poor decision to get matching tattoos with someone because, you know, life happens. So maybe I'm just a little out of the loop in general.

It's pretty amazing that Delevingne has time to get tattoos given the model's new acting career and general tendency to always be involved in some sort of romantic situation and/or crazy party. She's a pretty busy girl.

Maybe this is just what happens to your life when you have a personal driver. That's got to save a lot of time, right? Maybe if I, too, didn't have to worry about catching a certain bus I would have time to get matching tattoos with my best friends. Maybe. But probably not. I would most likely just use that time to sleep or shave my legs. Probably sleep.

Whatever her secret to finding the time to do crazy, random things is, Delevingne always, always keeps us guessing. And I kind of like that about her. Plus, the eyebrows. Enough said.

Image: Instagram/@caradelevingne