9 Things You Loved About 'Magic School Bus'

Children of the '90s, start rejoicing, because your favorite teacher ever is coming to Netflix. The network that has brought us gems like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards will now give a Netflix-style makeover to The Magic School Bus , albeit with modern animation and a slightly new name, Magic School Bus 360. Set to be released in 2016, we can expect a new, sleeker animation (hello CGI, goodbye squiggly hand drawn school bus), and, sadly, a more modern Ms. Frizzle.

Those of us who were inspired by her seriously rad dresses might be in for a shock, given that the new Magic School Bus will be every bit as modern as the older version is gloriously antiquated. However, in honor of one of the best science-related children shows returning to the small screen (sorry I'm not sorry, Bill Nye), we want to run through all the reasons we were so obsessed with Ms. Frizzle and her class adventures in the first place. Let's take a ride on the Magic School Bus right down memory lane.

Ms. Frizzle's Fierce Style

Remember the dinosaur dress? Or the one covered in moons and stars? How about the one with rockets and magnets? The point is that Ms Frizzle didn't just teach her class about the human body, the planets, and plants and animals, she taught us all lessons about style that I personally still adhere to. Show me a pair of overalls covered in legumes and I am all over them. Educational AND cute!

You Wanted A Pet Like Liz the Lizard, Too

Liz was hilarious, but she's ruined all reptile pets for me forever. I am constantly disappointed that my snake has no interest in donning judge's gowns or driving magical buses (or even regular buses).

That Theme Song Was Just Too Darn Catchy

Little Richard brought the funk to this wacky little show, and we all knew all the words.

And It Was Kinda Fun To Hate On Arnold

Honestly, who knew someone could be such a wet blanket.

But We Laughed At All Of Carlos's Jokes

Oh Carlos, your class may not have liked you, but we loved you.

No One Will Ever Forget That One Episode Where They Went Inside Ralphie

They took a "shortcut" to get there. Get it? Shortcut? No but seriously, this episode was the best.

The Magic School Bus Was So Good, You Almost Didn't Notice You Were Learning

We learned about a panoply of topics, from energy to plant biology to space and beyond.

The Friz Was Actually Kind Of Careless

Who lets kids just wander around as teeny, tiny people in beehives and rivers and veins? Not a teacher who is terribly concerned with the safety of her students, that's who.

We All Wished We Could Take Field Trips Where We Were Transformed Into Plants Or Reptiles

Taking a day trip to the Botanic Gardens or local science museum is a bit less exciting when you consider that Dorothy Ann and Carlos and Arnold and the lot all got to be inside all the things one might see in a garden or museum. Nothing could possibly compare to Ms. Frizzle's class.

Images: PBS; Scholastic