The Yoga to Lunch Battle: What to Wear?

by Alyssa Shapiro

With freelancing come ups and downs, but there’s something to be said about the freedom of schedule: Coffee meetings anytime, writing from a roof with WiFi, mid-day Core Fusion classes... good stuff. Depending on the day’s agenda, my work attire can vary from a shift dress and stilettos to yoga pants and a muscle tee.

On the days when I can slip away to workout midday, clothes that are yoga-functional but still street-appropriate are key. For instance, I met a friend downtown for a class, after which she suggested lunch. Walking into the café in my Lululemon, which I’d felt great in ten minutes before, I felt completely inappropriate, and I must have looked like I thought I was in Los Angeles — land of the perpetual workout gear. Nothing against L.A. —it’s just that New York is less casual than its sister out west.

Cut to my discovery of Theory 38, an offshoot of the Theory brand that is quintessentially office-appropriate. Theory 38 is a line of sports-suitable, technically fabricated attire that looks completely street-appropriate, too. That perfect mix can be hard to come by — there’s T by Alexander Wang, but I promise you don’t want to have to dry clean your yoga clothes.

Sports bras, zip-ups, and “pro-pants” galore; I mean, I want to wear this sweatshirt not just to yoga but out on the town.

Yes to this nylon puffer (in a few months, anyway):

(Also, note the model. So on-trend with her wet-look hair.)

So, I’m heading to yoga in a few hours, if anyone wants to grab coffee out in public after.