This Kid's Invention Will Amaze You

Most 15-year-old’s are too busy figuring out a way to ditch class or sneak out to a house party to invent anything other than elaborate excuses as to why they missed their curfew. But not Filipino teen Angelo Casimiro! The amazing teenage genius has just invented something that could actually benefit people all around the world: an electricity-generating shoe that charges your phone as you walk. Yeah, I feel like an underachiever now too.

So how exactly does his creation work? Basically, two physio-electric discs, which Casimiro describes as feeling like “a gel slip-on,” are placed on the insole of a shoe. When the user walks, runs, or puts pressure on the disc in any way, it produces energy that can then be harnessed to charge your cell phone via USB. The device can also charge radios, flashlights, or pretty much any other gadget that uses a USB.

Casimiro says the device is especially useful or hikers, who can’t cart around their chargers with them, or people who live in remote villages and don’t have regular access to electricity. But from the sounds of it, it could work for pretty much anyone who is tired of carrying around their phone chargers (aka me).

Of course, it’s a work-in-progress. Right now, the device requires roughly eight hours of movement to build battery to full capacity — which means most people would essentially have to be jogging all day at their desks. Still, the concept is definitely interesting and even moreso considering that it came from a 15-year-old, who is clearly fascinated with the idea of renewable energy and seems ready to change the world with it.

Casimiro is currently entered in the 2014 Google Science Fair, the “global online science and technology competition," which will announce local and regional finalists on June 26. Hopefully, he’ll get far and can continue to pursue this project to make the shoes more functional. One thing’s for sure: once he makes them in cute ballet flat form, I’ll be first in line for a pair!

Image: YouTube