David Tennant, Don't Ever Leave Our TV Screens

From a time and space-traveling doctor to a deeply conflicted police officer and everything in between, there's no one we love to watch on television more than former Doctor Who star David Tennant. Tennant is back on our screens and in our hearts with a new TV thriller The Escape Artist, which will premiere on June 15 on PBS in America, though it was already released to lucky Brits in late 2013 on BBC One. The two-episode miniseries follows Tennant as a hotshot defense lawyer who takes on a high-profile murder case and gets the defendant released, but that courtroom victory leads to some dangerous consequences on the streets. Sounds kind of like a John Grisham novel doesn't it?

While the show's premise is extremely cool with its twists, turns, and creepy murder vibe, its biggest draw is quite obviously David Tennant, the same man who created a fandom of millions thanks to his role as The Tenth Doctor. To his fans, he can literally do no wrong and everything he does turns into ratings gold. In honor of Tennant's newest show, let us count the ways in which we've fallen in love with this incredible man.

His Doctor Is A Fan Favorite

Tennant showed up as the Tenth Doctor after the exit of Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor in a wonderful season finale episode. While people always worry about the new iterations of The Doctor, Tennant started his tenure with a bang in an incredible Christmas episode. He instantly became quotable and lovable, and for five years he was the ideal doctor. In fact, he is considered one of the favorite doctors of all time by many fans of the show and outsiders alike. His first episode is one of my personal favorite first Doctor episodes from the entire Doctor Who series.

He Kills It in Dramas

Tennant starred in the brilliant ITV series Broadchurch which followed a murder investigation of a young boy in a small town and the investigator who was sent in from the big city to catch the culprit. The show did so well in the UK that an American version is being adapted for Fox. And the person playing the investigator role that Tennant took on in the UK version is Tennant himself. The series is called Gracepoint and it will air this fall.

He Was The Best Part Of Fright Night

Tennant's character in 2011's Fright Night is a magician in the vein of Criss Angel named Peter Vincent, who purports himself as a "vampire expert." When the main character Charley visits Vincent to get information on how to kill a vampire that is out to get him, Vincent thinks Charley is messing with him and throws him out. Later, Vincent has a change of heart and goes to help Charley defeat the vampire.

His Name Is Inspired By A Musical Group

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

David Tennant's birth name is actually David MacDonald, believe it or not. But because another one of his agent's clients had the same name as him, he decided to change his last name. He was inspired by an article he read in Smash Hits Magazine and used The Pet Shop Boys' lead singer Neil Tennant's last name as his own. When he started working in the U.S. he had to officially change his name due to Screen Actors' Guild rules.

His New Show Looks Great

Just check out that promo! The premiere can't come soon enough.

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