Get on The Kacey Musgraves-y Train Already

by Casey Rackham

Move over, T-Swift — another female country singer is in town, and she means business. Kacey Musgraves is going on tour with Katy Perry right after winning Best New Artist of the Year at the 2013 Country Music Awards, Album of the Year at the 2014 American Country Music Awards, and, most importantly, beating out Taylor Swift for Best Country Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She has officially landed in the world of twangy tunes and after Musgraves' TV/Tour special with Perry airs, it'll be hard to miss her.

But besides the fact that her music is seriously fierce, she's also one of the feistiest girls around. To give you an idea, she's like if Swift were brunnette, rebellious, and edgy... okay, so she's not like her at all. While Swift is singing about high-school romances and passing notes during class — save for her attempt at being hip with "I Knew You Were Trouble" — Musgraves sings about the stuff that's usually swept under the rug. From drugs to living in trailer parks to casual sex, the singer belts out anything she wants to sing. She's basically the rough-around-the-edges female musician that younger country fans need to balance out Swift's sweet reputation.

Besides being a rebel in her own right, here are a few more reasons Musgraves is the new country singer you should be paying attention to:

1. She's not afraid to sing about homosexuality.

One of the biggest differences between Musgraves and pretty much any other country singer is that she doesn't shy away from any traditionally "taboo" subjects. The country-music scene isn't usually known for being the biggest supporter of the LGBTQ community, but Musgraves tentatively took to the subject in her hit "Follow your Arrow": "Make lots of noise / And kiss lots of boys / Or kiss lots of girls / If that’s something you’re into."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Musgraves said, "No matter the age, people are inspired by the same emotions. That’s why singing about homosexuals doesn’t bother me. Young or old or gay or straight, people are just driven by the same wants and needs, so it really shouldn’t matter.” While the "I don't mind singing about gay men and women" bit is a little old fashioned for our tastes, it's clear she means well and if it helps, the song is really good.

2. She most definitely has Chronic Bitch Face.

When Miranda Lambert beat out Musgraves for Female Vocalist of the Year at the CMAs, the camera caught the younger singer looked less than pleased. But don't worry, guys — Musgraves just suffers from CBF. The singer told E! that that's just the way her face looks. (It's totally a thing!)

3. She doesn't care if people don't like her.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t really want to be," Musgraves told The Wall Street Journal. "I think if you’re everyone’s cup of tea, that probably means you’re a little bit boring, or you’re not pushing yourself. Creativity happens where it’s dangerous and scary, where you’re not comfortable. And that’s how it should be. That’s real. Music isn’t supposed to be vanilla."

4. She's a songwriter.

Although this isn't the biggest news ever, not every singer writes their own songs, so it's noteworthy. Not only does Musgraves co-write her own songs, but she writes songs for other artists. In fact, she almost gave "Follow Your Arrow" to Katy Perry, but Perry told her to keep it because it sounded like Musgraves. (Plus, from the photo above, it looks like she's been expressing her thoughts via words since she was a little girl.)

5. Speaking of Perry... she's going to open up for the pop singer on her Prismatic World Tour.

Musgraves is set to open up for Perry come this August.

Images: spaceykacey/Instagram