Chelsea Peretti & Gina Linetti Are the Same Person

by Casey Rackham

“At any given moment I’m thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfuss hunkered over eatin’ dog food.” With one-liners like that, it's no wonder that Gina Linetti is the funny bone of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine office. Sure, you've got Jake Peralta, Scully, and Boyle running amuck and cracking jokes, but nothing compares to Gina's 100 percent interest in herself and only herself. Her self-absorption and lack of a filter makes for jokes and quips that are so bizarre and truthful that you can't help but say "Oh my god, Gina" before you start laughing. And one of the reasons why she's so funny? Actress Chelsea Peretti and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Gina Linetti are the exact same.

During a Q&A panel for Fox's "Girls Night Out" event, Peretti was asked by the moderator, The Hollywood Reporter's Stacey Wilson, what she has in common with Gina. And in a perfect response, the actor/writer/comedian said, "It's harder to say what we don't have in common." Obviously, that's just the answer we were hoping for. Based on the ease with which Peretti embodies Gina, as well as her past gigs writing for Parks and Recreation and touring as a stand-up comedian, it's always seemed like Peretti and Linetti share more than an eerily similar last name.

Take a look at some of the reasons why they are basically the same person:

They text... like all of the time.

During the panel, Peretti admitted why Gina is never without her phone on the show: "I text constantly, and I definitely was pitching that as a characteristic of Gina Linetti. I was like, 'What if she's always texting? Then I can text during scenes.' So that worked out great." Nicely played, Peretti. Nicely played.

They're addicted to candy-related games.

This time around, Linetti inspired a characteristic of Peretti: "Kwazy Cupcakes actually got me starting to play Candy Crush, because I was like, let me figure out what this is based on," said Peretti. "Then I couldn't stop playing it for like four months. I got to level 30, that's about it... It's a nightmare."

They both speak the hard-cold truth.

If we know anything about Gina, it's that she has absolutely no filter and she'll say anything that's on her mind. And the same goes for Peretti who had some strong opinions about headshots during the panel. "I got advice to get headshots, and I feel like... they're stupid," said Peretti. "I don't know what to do with them. I did cut holes out of the eyes once, and wear my own face." (Definitely something Gina would do.)

They're both besties with Andy Samberg/Jake Peralta.

Not only are Gina and Jake childhood friends, but their real-life counterparts have known each other since elementary school. Peretti revealed that when she was growing up in Oakland, Calif. with Samberg, she had a crush him and "showed it by calling his house and hanging up over and over."

And most importantly, they both love to dance their pants off.

Who else wants to see a Peretti and Linetti dance off?

Images: Fox; neogaf.com; ohnotheydidnt/Livejournal; mrhankey/Tumblr; rebloggy.com