Rob Kardashian's New Job Makes Khloe Kardashian Very Nervous

Need someone to oversee the construction of your new house? Call this guy! Or keep your contractor and continue living your very happy life, but simply be aware of the fact that Rob Kardashian is overseeing the construction of Khloe Kardashian's new house. What a brotherly thing to do. "The Kardashians truly exemplify familial love," said the Internet with an enormous eye roll.

Are you concerned for the well-being of Khloe's new estate, which she purchased for a whopping $7.2 million from your favorite Canadian (another eye roll), Justin Bieber? Well, you're not alone, as Khloe tweeted, "Having my brother oversee my construction at our new house while I'm in NY is a tad scary. I'm way too controlling lol."

But her brother assured her that he's gotten it all taken care of, as he eloquently tweeted, ""I got u don't you worry [...] Got the boom boom room all set up and everythangggggg."

Good to know that he's looking out for his sister, but did Khloe ask for a boom boom room? Is this her bedroom or a special walk-in closet designated for boning? OR is it a subterranean strip club (highly plausible — her house is already going to have a subterranean basketball court, which I plan on putting on my Hanukkah wish list right underneath "pony" and "time traveling machine").

Whatever it is, if it's even real, it'll be extravagant, unnecessary, but totally Rob-approved.