Chelsea Handler's Exit From E! Is Progressive & Will Ultimately Make TV Better

So, Chelsea Handler is leaving E! We've known it for awhile, and the comedian's dissatisfaction with the network has long not been a secret. She wants to be challenged more, and has moved on from the world of celebrity gossip. Now, whether or not you're a fan of Handler and her sometimes controversial work, one thing is for certain: this move is proactive and impressive and might just make you change your mind about her. Because she's trying to make TV better.

Handler's work as the host of Chelsea Lately has always been celebrity-driven. Mostly because it had to be: anyone who watches the show, particularly over the past two years, could tell you that their rhetoric is hardly her bread and butter. And most of her funniest bits come from saying what a lot of us are thinking out their stupid behavior. After awhile, no surprise there, she grew sick of it all — even as her star began to rise because of it.

"To be quite honest, I don't really care about Justin Bieber and I don't want to talk about him anymore," Handler explained to the Daily Mail. "In order to make that happen I had to just stop doing my show. Straight away."

So Handler's quitting her eponymous show and starting over. And she's not afraid to talk about why — causing some to lambast her as ungrateful. But we'd argue it makes her anything but.

You can sit around and complain about all that shit and the Kardashians all day, but if you're participating in it then what can you do? ... The only way to sort things out was to extricate myself from the entire situation.

Given that "it really didn't feel great doing the show," the most mature and responsible thing Handler could do was throw in the towel. Regardless of the fame it brought her, or the money, or the accolades, it wasn't worth the drama to her.

I think if you participate in the celebrity world then you don't really have a choice but to be involved in the drama. You end up getting so into the mix that it changes the topics of the day.

Instead, she has decided to try her hand on a new endeavor designed to be a "bit more mindful and a little bit more interesting for me and my viewers." By holding herself accountable to the standards by which we create television, Handler is moving her own brand of humor — and, if she continues in that way, the talk show format — a little bit forward. And frankly, we could all do well to be a little bit more like her in that regard.