Mindy Kaling's Best Looks So Far During Her Emmy Season Promotion Of 'The Mindy Project'

Mindy Kaling has been busy running around Hollywood. Not only is she putting in the hours in The Mindy Project writers' room, she's also promoting the show like no one's business. And I for one couldn't be happier — go forth and promote, Ms. Kaling! Promote all the way up to those Emmy nods you so deserve. Because honestly, there are few out there who deserve a good old Emmy nomination (or two... or three) more than Kaling here. As writer/creator/producer/star, she should be racking up the nods like Lena Dunham and Tina Fey before her — especially with TMP's stellar second season (I still can't get the heavily Nora Ephron-inspired finale out of my head).

Yes, TMP has something special, and I hope Kaling gets the recognition owed to her. Either way, I'm glad Kaling is so actively working the awards game on so many fronts, because it sure is fun to take a look at some of the outfits she's been trotting out to what feels like dozens of panels, events, and interviews. Kaling (like her fictional alter ego) has some serious style. Let's take a look at her top four looks of the week:

1. En Route to her LA Times: The Envelope Interview in a Stella McCartney Dress, and Diane von Furstenburg Jacket

She deems the look "your favorite paralegal in the jacket she stole from Cher." I think you're underselling yourself here, Ms. Kaling — there's nothing boringly paralegal-ish (nor blindingly Cher-ish) about this very put-together ensemble!

2. En Route to the Deadline Awardsline Screening in Emma Cook London

The print is so fun, and though it's on the trickier side, she's definitely pulling it off — with a handy assist from her perfect coif, which she thanks her hairdresser for, and refers to as "mega." This polka-dot/rose number would look right at home on Shulman and Associates' favorite OBGYN, and I mean that as a compliment to both Mindys.

3. En Route to "An Evening With Mindy Kaling" at the WGA in More Emma Cook London

Kaling sure knows how to rock a print in some seriously awesome colors. By her own admission, "My love affair with prints rages on." Thank goodness, because they're fantastic.

4. En Route to the Fox Girls' Night Out, in Marc by Marc Jacobs

Apparently, Kaling's goal was to "channel Megan Draper" — but she was quick to qualify that statement with, "But not the messed up Megan in LA. Megan as an au pair." Well, she nailed that pre-season-7 Megan look, mixing a little of season 6's glam with season 5's simple-yet-bright mod silhouettes.

Images: mindykaling/Instagram