This Cut 'GoT' Scene Should Have Been Included

One of the biggest problems with Game of Thrones is that there never seems to be quite enough. We are always at the edge of our seats, wishing for more episodes, more Daenerys screentime, more sex scenes with Jon Snow, there is always something that, as a fan, you really don't feel you've had enough time with. Evidence of this is in the cut scene featured in the Game of Thrones audition tapes for both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, also known as the Stark sisters Arya and Sansa. Not only is the scene a testament to how freaking cute (and YOUNG) both girls were when this whole thing started, it also reveals a depth to Sansa that we might have experienced in first season, but instead have only gotten access to in the past two episodes.

George R.R Martin, being grand poo-bah of all things Game of Thrones, has openly said that he advocated for a longer season, with each one coming in at 13 episodes instead of the measly ten we are stuck with now. And quite frankly, given that most of the television-watching population are now hopeless fiends for GoT, a few more episodes a season definitely wouldn't hurt. Imagine how different that fateful scene in which Sansa is forced to look on her father's staked head as Joffrey laughs would have played if we had more emotional accessibility to that character? Emotional scenes are sometimes rushed, and worse yet, when you have an entire episode dedicated to a battle, like we did in last week's epic battering of the Wall, you can end up feeling a bit miffed, given that you've lost an entire tenth of the season to flashing swords, a giant shooting an elephant gun-sized arrow, and CGI mammoths.

OK, actually the giants and mammoths were pretty cool. But even so, we're now left with a single episode before the season ends in which we are (hopefully) going to find out what the hell is going on with Sansa and whether she and Arya are going to be reunited, as well as whether or not our favorite Lannister is about to die. And speaking of Arya and Sansa, how insanely adorable is this audition video?

Firstly, there's Sophie Turner, with her casual English schoolgirl uniform and sort of chavvy, sort of cute hairdo, working bratty Sansa realness, which is a nice departure from the weird perviness she has been on the receiving end of for pretty much the last two seasons. Then there's the revelation that Maisie Williams was actually a child back before the first season, which is easy enough to forget when she's busy chanting the names of everyone she wants to kill and laughing like a lunatic alongside the Hound. D'awwww, you guys, just look at how they've grown.