Lady Gaga Wears Fluffy Tulle Neckpiece Fit for a Prince — Here's How To Get the Look, If You're Into It

Some might say that Lady Gaga's fashion sense (and pop career) jumped the shark a looong time ago. Frankly, she kind of lost me when she was vomited on "for art" at South by Southwest. But Gaga's latest look got my attention once again when she stepped out dressed like a European monarch in a navy blue coat and giant ruffled neckpiece made of tulle while carrying a black puppy.

This is the kind of understated sartorial absurdity that Gaga does best. Who need a meat dress when you can pair a rather stylish coat with an over-the-top ruffle fit for a prince and still make a splash? Gaga paired the stodgy Victorian outfit with an oversized curly brown wig, a pair of fishnets, and a stern facial expression. Royalty doesn't smile — haven't you ever seen an 18th century portrait?

If your idea of being glam is dressing like a buttoned up member of the royal family, you're in luck. I'm going to help you channel Lady Gaga's latest style statement with items you can pick up at your favorite clothing stores — no Blue Blood required. I can't help you find an adorable puppy, though. That one's up to you.

Navy Pea Coat


Lady Gaga's dress-length navy peacoat featured gold buttons would probably give you sticker shock, but this Topshop version is just a chic (for only $190). The tortoiseshell buttons are less stuffy, making this coat wearable even when you aren't channeling Gaga (Topshop, $190).

Ruffle Neck Blouse

La Garconne

A ruffle blouse is a way more practical approach to the flouncy collar that Lady Gaga is trying to make happen. You won't look as though you've just stepped out of a time machine, but you'll still be regal as hell. Win-win (La Garconne, $360).


Fredricks of Hollywood

Don't forget the fishnets, which add serious sex appeal to an otherwise modest ensemble (Fredricks of Hollywood, $14).