Misha Collins' Wife Has Written Some Sexy Stuff

Most Supernatural fans probably prefer to forget the fact that star Misha Collins is married. It's easier to focus on his character, Castiel, and whoever you ship him with than to remind yourself that in real life, the amazing Misha is taken. It'll be much harder to avoid, however, when Misha appears on Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Monday night. Instead of inhabiting his Supernatural character, it'll be the real Misha on the show, and you're bound to fall even more in love with him as he attempts to keep up with the series' improv comedy experts. And since you'll be seeing more of the real man behind Castiel, I think it's time to finally really understand who Misha's wife is.

To begin with the most basic facts, her name is Victoria Vantoch, she also goes by Vicki, and she's been married to Misha since 2002. Together the couple has two children, three-year-old son West Anaximander and daughter Maison Marie, who will be two in September. But there's much more to Victoria than being Misha's wife and the mother of his children. She has a career of her own and if you thought Misha being on Supernatural was sexy, wait until you hear what his wife does.

Victoria is a writer and sexuality historian and she's combined those two titles by writing two very sexy books. The first is pretty self-explanatory, it's called The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three and was released in 2007. She followed that up with a more historically-based book in 2013 called The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon.

Misha is definitely proud of his wife's accomplishments. In 2011, someone tweeted Charlie Sheen a photo of The Threesome Handbook, saying he should write an updated version. Here's how he responded.

Of course Misha couldn't let Sheen take the credit away from his wife and had to tweet a response of his own.

This all just makes us want to learn even more about Victoria, but she and Misha both seem to enjoy their privacy. They don't usually speak publicly about their relationship and though Misha has posted some pictures of his adorable children on Twitter, there aren't many photos of him and Victoria. Here's one that he shared to announce the birth of Maison.

As heartbreaking as it may be to know that Misha is decidedly unavailable, it helps to know that the lucky woman married to him is awesome in her own right.