Brittany Drops 'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoiler

With Pitch Perfect 2 a mere 11 months away (I kid about the "mere 11 months" part — that's roughy an eternity for anyone who's a fan of the original), we'll take any previews or info we can get. So we'll take this teensy bit of info: there may be twerking in Pitch Perfect 2 . It's like "There Will Be Blood," except "There Will Be Twerking," only no Daniel Day-Lewis, and hopefully no blood at all.

Fear not, aca-bitches — Miley Cyrus is not making a cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 — as far as we know, that is — just consider the allusion to twerking as indication that there will be heavy dancing in the sequel, which means incredible a cappella musical numbers, which is what we're most eagerly anticipating, anyway.

Here's how we were able to deduct this: Brittany Snow tweeted, "Injured my back today from twerking. Found myself using a glowstick to massage it. #sometimesIworry #PitchPerfect2Problems." So is the glowstick the Pitch Perfect 2 problem or is it the twerking? Either way, it sounds like there will be one or the other — or both — in the movie.

And then, because obviously Snow knows that we'll eat up any Pitch Perfect 2 photos, she took a selfie with her cast mates Rebel Wilson and Kelley Jakle. Consider this an aca-selfie (I know, I know):

We'll take it!