What's She Doing on 'I Love the 2000s?'

VH1 has a penchant for making televised lists. The network loves to count down the best songs of different decades and genres, present the best music videos, and compile nostalgia-fueled shows that essentially say, "hey, remember this?" for an hour. You might recall its series I Love the '80s, or the '70s, '90s and new millennium versions, which had various comedians and stars reminisce about the big events and trends of each decade. On Monday, I Love the 2000s will premiere, keeping that same format, just with an updated time period and cast of commentators. One of those commentators might look familiar as the actress who plays Shauna Malwae-Tweep on Parks & Rec , a reporter for the Pawnee Journal who's life has gone directly downhill since her first appearance in Season 1. At least things seem to be much better for Alison Becker, who plays Shauna and, in addition to appearing on I Love the 2000s, has a lot of other experience in TV.

Becker got her start in 2003 with MTV's Boiling Points, that show where actors (like Becker) tried to piss off random people, who won money if they could stay calm. She's appeared in many other shows since then, including The League, The Newsroom, The Goodwin Games, and Kroll Show. Much of Becker's experience, however, has been in hosting and appearing on list-style shows like I Love the 2000s.

In 2004, Becker got her first hosting gig with the short-lived series Comedy Academy, before moving onto bigger series. She hosted Fuse's F-List and Fuse Celebrity Playlist in 2006 and then Fuel's The Daily Habit in 2011. But you're more likely to recognize her from the various shows she's popped up on as a commentator, like 40 Greatest Pranks, Top 40 Videos of 2007, 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s, and other similar specials.

If all of this isn't enough to convince you that she'll prove to be a funny contributor to I Love the 2000s, her background as a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre should. But if you're really skeptical, you'll just have to tune in to the premiere of I Love the 2000s on Monday night and see how Shauna stacks up outside of Pawnee.

Image: NBC