Virtually Try On Makeup with Sephora's 3D Mirror

As if Sephora wasn't already your favorite place to shop and try out products, the beauty retailer has stepped up their game and made it an even more incredible experience for their customers. The cosmetic giant is testing out a 3D augmented reality mirror that allows you to try on any shade of eyeshadow virtually.

Sephora teamed up with ModiFace, a virtual reality technology company, to create this innovative mirror. And after three years of intensive research, I think the product they've come up with just might change the way we all shop for beauty goods. Here's how it works: The mirror will simulate cosmetics on the user's face using a patented technique that tracks a person's facial features. When the user looks into the mirror, an eyeshadow palette pops up, allowing them to try out a variety of colors and textures. You can then turn your head in all different angles and see how it looks on your face in real-time.

The technology currently only allows users to try on eyeshadows, but there's the possibility of expanding it to lipsticks, blushes and other products as well. In addition to allowing customers to instantly see how a product looks on their face, the mirror will also help the store eliminate the need for tester products. Although that bit of news is kind of bummer, when you've got this insanely high-tech mirror to do the makeup application for you, there's really no need to toy around with the samples, right?

Unfortunately, the mirror is only in Sephora's Milan store at the moment, but if it's successful (which I'm sure it will be), you can expect to see one of these 3D mirrors in a store near you in the not so distant future. Check out the video below to see the mirror at work.

Image: Modiface/Facebook