What Would Stassi Say?

by Kristie Rohwedder

I refuse to move on from Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules partnership with XCALIBUR. Sorry I am not sorry. The villain of my favorite reality show is designing legitimately very nice-looking threads. (Turtlenecks aren't my thing, but that white and grey shawl cardigan is aces.) He's now a bonafide clothing designer. This is a big deal to me. And luckily for me, there’s an XCALIBUR-y interview to pore over: Taylor spoke with Beauty and Style Beat about the Jax Taylor by XCALIBUR BRAND collection, and it is a Vanderdream come true.

In the interview, Taylor revealed what’s on the horizon for the partnership (flannel shirts! Sweaters with hoods!), how his Vanderpump costars feel about it (Peter Madrigal, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz are all on board!), and his involvement level (he's very involved!).

So, how'd this partnership come to fruition? Basically, he flossed some XCALIBUR kicks, XCALIBUR took notice, and XCALIBUR and Taylor lived happily ever after:

I dressed in XCALIBUR shoes to the season 2 premiere of Vanderpump Rules last year and right after, the CEO approached me to do a collection with the brand. After a ton of meetings we realized we had the same vision on where we thought the brand could go. So we decided to team up and create my own collection and it couldn’t have gone better, so far.

Well, that’s exciti—wait. I’m dying to know how Stassi Schroeder, my beloved queen, feels about this. As you may recall, during Episode 5 of Season 2, Taylor tells Schroeder he wants to design sweaters. Schroeder points out his lack of fashion design education and experience, and then tells him his sweatery ambition is insulting to those who have devoted their lives to designing clothing. Needless to say, she is not feeling it.

Schroeder took to her BravoTV blog to explain her reaction:

On his sweater line -- so because someone wears sweaters, that makes that person a sweater designer? I have teeth, but that doesn't make me an expert on dentistry. It’s just all so ridiculous.

Actually, she was sort of right: He didn’t become a shoe and sweater designer by wearing sweaters. He nabbed the partnership by wearing shoes.

Never question the Schroeder.

Image: queerkatiebishop/tumblr