Tom Hiddleston Will Don a 10 Gallon Hat

Are you ready to see Loki don a ten gallon hat? You best get ready, because Tom Hiddleston's signed on to play Hank Williams, legendary country singer and man who definitely wore a few big hats in his day. The film is I Saw the Light, and, oh yeah: Hiddleston will be doing all his own singing in the film.

I Saw the Light will be directed by Marc Abraham, a producer on films like Children Of Men and Dawn of the Dead and director of Flash Of Genius, which starred Greg Kinnear. According to a statement the film will chronicle Williams' "meteoric rise to fame and its ultimately tragic effect on his health and personal life."

Williams is remembered as one of the most significant figures in country music history, his most widely known songs probably being "Your Cheatin' Heart," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," and "Hey Good Lookin'." He died in 1953 of heart failure at the age of 29.

That's certainly a big ten-gallon hat to fill, but Hiddleston — most famous for The Avengers and Thor, as well as War Horse and Midnight in Paris — seems to have the acting chops for the job. Maybe this movie will be what Walk The Line was to Joaquin Phoenix?

You can check out Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" below:

And here's Hiddleston singing a very different song: