5 Reasons Jon & Daenerys Belong Together

by Christine DiStasio

Well, now that he's a free man and all. On Sunday night's penultimate episode of HBO's Game of Thrones, "The Watchers on the Wall," Jon Snow's wildling lover Ygritte died. And, honestly, I was sad for him — even though their relationship was a means for his survival, he definitely did have some feelings for her. But, fear not GoT fans, because maybe Jon Snow won't be alone forever. Kit Harrington 'ships Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow — so will they run for "Best Hair" as a couple in the Westeros superlatives contest?

Let's just remember that Jon Snow and Daenerys have never even met — so this really is a shot-in-the-dark declaration. But with HBO taking creative license with George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire source material, anything can happen. Harrington spoke to E!'s Tierney Brickner about the subsection of GoT fans who are 'shipping the Mother of Dragons and know-nothing Jon Snow and apparently, he thinks it's "wonderful." Seriously, Kit Harrington wants Dany and Jon to hook up and, well, that's totally awesome.

Harrington told E! at the NYC screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2:

I find it wonderful that people root for anyone, I think it's great in the show pick their favorites and want that person to win, and it's wonderful to be involved in that and be one of the people that people think should be on the throne at the end.

I mean, of all of the depraved characters on GoT — Jon's probably the least likely to eff everything up in a position of power. Just saying. Even though I didn't know about this brilliant group of fans, I'm absolutely on the Dany and Jon train now — so, here are five reasons why these two totally belong together:

She Knows Everything & He Knows, Well, Nothing

Do I even need to explain this one?

Fire & Ice: A Dichotomy As Old As Time

How perfectly fitting — Jon SNOW and the Mother of Dragons, born of FIRE. Not even George R.R. Martin could deny that it's a match made in earthly elements heaven.

(Do you wanna build a snowman?)

Great Hair

They need to be together, because no mere hair-mortal could handle it.

(Hair blowin' in the wind, sun glistin' off my skin, ey!)

They Share A Love For Exotic Animals

Imagine going to their house? Dragons and an albino direwolf — they'd be like those cool, indie friends you have that own a hairless cat AND a hedgehog.

They Know What They Are Not

And they'll tell you, straight-up. Which will make for an extremely honest relationship.

Jon & Dany Forever — the one true 'ship of Westeros.

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