Meet Anna, The Elsa Lookalike

Now here's a good party trick: look like a popular animated Disney character, have people pay you. Meet Anna, who looks like Elsa from Frozen . This 18-year-old Florida native and model found her true calling when she saw the animated movie musical, and has since become an Internet, and kids' birthday party, sensation.

Of course, there's the obvious question: does she look like she's CGI, or does Elsa's CGI-form look like a person? But it's no matter. Anna Faith, whose Instagram blows up by the day with her fans who love looking at her Elsa-esque features, is now a full-fledged Elsa impersonator. She brings along an Olaf, and she's even recruited her friend to play Anna. (Disneyland might want to consider hiring her to help mitigate the epic lines of kids waiting to meet Princesses Elsa and Anna.)

But this extends beyond children's parties. She even went to her prom in Elsa's signature attire. Is this Frozen mania at its zenith or is this just someone who for the first time in forever (yes, that was intended) met her model match?

She's gorgeous, all right, and it's totally adorable how much she loves bringing joy to kids who think she's the real CGI thing, but you can't deny that it's a little bizarre just how much she looks like Elsa. She's her doppelganger!

There's no word out yet if she can sing the high notes in "Let It Go," though. But check out her pics:

I know, right!?!

Images: Instagram