'Sister Wives' Husband Kody Brown's Most Hypocritical Moments

From Big Love to TLC's latest offering My Five Wives, polygamist television narratives have come into fashion over the last half-decade in a big way. It's no surprise, since for many people watching at home, shows like these probably provide their only look into the polygamist lifestyle. It can be fascinating to watch people live a life so different from your own, while maybe even having some other things in common with you. When it comes to the representation of the Mormon church and polygamy on TV, there are plenty of hard-hitting, gripping narratives rooted in reality to choose from, but then we have also been blessed by goofballs like Kody Brown. You may recognize Kody as the patriarch of Sister Wives , another TLC show about polygamy.

Kody serves as the gif-worthy protagonist of the show, alongside his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, who was the last wife added to the family, and the only one Kody married during the course of the show. Every Sunday, fans are given a look into the lives of the Brown family, as Kody balances the needs of his four wives and 17 children. While usually the wives' are a delight to watch, we just can't help but cringe at some of Brown's more WTF statements. Here are the best hypocritical moments from one of our favorite TV polygamists.

1. He Wants His Daughter to Avoid Romantic Affection

You always hope that when some old horndog has a daughter, he'll learn to humanize women and want the best for her. LOL, nope. At least not for Kody. Apparently the man with four wives decided to have a heart to heart with his teenage daughter's boyfriend, saying, "If you get too close, if you get too physical...you will break up." Kody hasn't broken up with any of the four women he's gotten physical with, so this isn't exactly a fair conversation.

2. He's Really Bad at Listening

Kody's wives have continually expressed discomfort with adding more women to their already huge family, like when Christine blatantly says he's not even with his time, and doesn't seem to be so great at the balancing act of multiple relationships. Instead of keeping a feel for the quality of his marriages, Brown is just waiting for a "hard no," (what is that even supposed to look like? Christine battering the door to prevent him from going out?)

3. He's a Body Shamer

Acres OfSweetness on YouTube

Ready to get your cringe on? I present, "The Nacho Incident." Kody remarks in great detail how he was basically repulsed by Christine for being a "little chubby" when they met. He says so repeatedly and with no attempted finesse, and the reporter even seems sorry she brought it up by the end. Shaming like that would never be fine under any circumstance, but it's not like homeboy is a body double of Channing Tatum himself, or anything.

4. Apparently "Brother Husbands" Can Never Be A Thing

So much so, the women can't even jokingly entertain the idea, as reported by Jezebel . Like, how silly is the idea women might have the drive or interest in more than one man, amirite, dude with four wives considering a fifth?

5. He Co-opts The Language Of Equality

Don't get me wrong, polygamy rights are a bit of a touchy subject. Sure, consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want with each other, (as long as it is adults we're talking about, though it would be hard to distinguish between consent and coercion in some communities where polygamy is the norm). But while the Brown family has hitched itself to the marriage equality train, as reported by the Huffington Post, Kody himself still wants his wives to "obey" him as lord of the house. I guess he's an equal rights guy, unless it pertains to how he is treating women, especially the women he's married to. Then it's old school submissiveness all the way. Silly ladies, just because you're the majority of the relationship doesn't mean you should make decisions!

Frankly, I can't wait until Christine finally dumps Mr. Brown. Maybe her and the other gals can even have a buddy comedy spin-off: The First, Second, and Third Wives Club.

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