There's A Lot of 'Fosters' Family Drama to Refresh

by Kaitlin Reilly

Get ready for another exciting season of ABC Family's newest family drama. Season 2 of The Fosters premieres June 16, and if last season's jaw-dropping finale was any indication of things to come, we're in for a seriously dramatic new season. The Season 1 finale of The Fosters shook things up big time for the Foster family, and the sophomore season will have to pick up a whole lot of pieces. So what happened last season on The Fosters? Here's where we left the Foster family.

The season finale of The Fosters may have been called "Adoption Day," but it was only really that for one of the newest additions to the Foster family. It took an entire season for Callie to feel comfortable with the Fosters and to truly want to be a part of their family. After all of the romantic drama between her and her foster brother, Brandon, Callie finally chose family over teen romance, and chose to get adopted alongside her biological brother, Jude. Unfortunately for Callie, Callie's "adoption day" was less than a happy one. Stef and Lena learned that Callie's alleged father Donald isn't the one listed on her birth certificate as her biological dad — a man named Robert Quinn is. That's a serious problem, because it means that Callie can't get adopted by the Fosters until her father is found. Though Jude says that he'll wait until they both can get adopted, Callie does the selfless thing and lets her little brother get the family he's always wanted.

There was bad news for just about everyone in The Fosters finale, but perhaps the person whose season ended on the worst note was Brandon, Stef's 17-year-old biological son. Brandon got the crap kicked out of him by his former friend, Vico, after taking the fall for the prank they played on Callie at the school dance. (Oh the things ABC Family teenagers do for love.) That's a pretty bad way to end the season in general, but it's made all the worse by the fact that Brandon had just killed at his symphony audition — and now his hands are a complete mess.

Oh, and because Brandon must keep all of his relationships in the family, he also hooked up with his father's girlfriend, Dani. That's one way to get over the romance between you and your soon-to-be adopted foster sister, Brandon.

Jesus got some kissing action from wrestling buddy Emma, which means that his track record of complicated relationships might be officially over. Things didn't go as well for his twin Mariana in the love department, who learned that her boyfriend, Zac, is moving to Arizona.

There is some good news for the Foster family going into Season 2. For one thing, Lena is pregnant. Despite Stef's original reservations, she says that she feels "nothing but love" when Lena tells her the good news. (Boy, their house really is filling up, isn't it?) The bad news? Timothy, the English teacher/sperm donor, decided last minute that he wasn't so into being a biological dad... what's going to happen now that the baby is on the way?

Season 2 of The Fosters promises answers to these questions and more, and I can't wait to catch up with the family. Check out the promo for

the new season below.

Tune into The Fosters June 16 on ABC Family at 9 PM.

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