'The Fosters' Season 2 Theory: Callie's Father Will Ruin Everything

It's almost here, ABC Family fans. Season 2 of The Fosters begins on June 16 and there are so many questions that need to be answered from that explosive finale. What will happen with Brandon? Are Stef and Lena going to have trouble with the pregnancy and their relationship as a result? The questions keep coming and coming but The Fosters Season 2 promo just make things even more complicated for the ABC Family hit show. One of the biggest questions on everyone's minds is the what direction the writers plan on taking with Callie now that she's getting adopted and, more shockingly, now that she's found her biological father isn't who she thought he was.

There are so many directions this show could take with Callie's revelation, her ongoing struggles with her feelings toward Brandon and the introduction of Callie's actual biological father, played by Dawson's Creek 's Kerr Smith. It's almost impossible to really nail down the path the will take but in order to increase the drama, we know it will probably be a darker one. From the Season 2 promo, we see Callie trying to take the next step in her relationship with Wyatt, with home she's considering losing her virginity. Why would she want to do that so quickly? Is it because she's trying to take other things and people off her mind?

If the show stays on this path, we could see Callie investigate who her father is to an unhappy end. Not much is known about Smith's role, other than the fact that his arc will most likely last all season. Perhaps Callie, being a guarded person, will keep him at arms length for the time being, but soon enough, he will likely charm his way into her heart. And if that happens, we have some ideas about where this season may go:

Callie Works Out Some Stress With Wyatt

It's obvious Callie and Brandon still have feelings for each other and that weighs on her. This, coupled with the fact that her father might try to re-enter her life, could cause Callie to run right into Wyatt's arms and lose her virginity to him. But knowing her, she could very easily alienate him (and everyone else, for that matter) as a result, whether then wind up having sex or not.

Callie's Father Will Betray Her

When it comes to dramas, and teen ones in particular, it's impossible to trust the biological father or mother who returns after years of abandonment. Sometimes the story ends happily, like when Ryan's father returned on The O.C., but most of the time it's a disaster. Perhaps Callie will not learn from the mistakes of teen heroines before her and put her faith in her father. Living away from her foster family does open the door to reignite her relationship with Brandon, but any which way you slice it, the odds are that Callie's father will leave her all over again.

Hey, at least ABC Family would be making good on that drama promise, right?

Images: ABC Family; Tumblr/maimitch; Tumblr/mariana-foster; Tumblr/scottsnathan