The 5 Times You Shouldn't Cut Your Hair

by Shorey Andrews

Everyone has been guilty one time or another of making a monumental beauty decision that has turned around to bite them in the ass. When something goes wrong with your physical appearance it can easily feel as though the walls are caving in on you, like you'll never feel pretty ever again in your whole life. The crazy thing about living through a beauty disaster is that, despite how sorry you feel for yourself at the time, you are still very likely to turn around and make the same mistake again. Because, inevitably, you'll find yourself wondering, is it time to cut my hair?

Changing your hair style is one of the few physical characteristics that's like, really hard to hide when things go awry. There is very little you can do when all of your precious strands are sitting in fluffy piles around you on the salon floor. Chances are, that feeling of regret comes after making a rash decision in a heated moment of hair envy or a general feeling of fatigue from your every day beauty routine. Rarely does a pile of magazine clippings and consultation session with your stylist a hair disaster make. In order to avoid another nasty hair faux pas, make note of the times below when you should never, ever go for a drastic cut. Too late for you? Don't fret — it'll grow back.


Let's call this one the J. Law effect. It refers to those times that a much-adored celebrity graces the world with her new look, and somehow we all go gaga over it. Anytime you see yet another celeb with a pixie cut and think, "Damn! She looks SO good. I should get a pixie cut too!", is probably NOT a good time to get a haircut. Let the hype die down before you go booking an appointment to chop it all off, and make sure to talk to your stylist about how to adjust the trendy cut to make it work for your bone structure.


This one is classic. Being pregnant doesn't lend itself making fun, spontaneous decisions, so women often resort to getting a new cut to spice up their nine months of baby carrying. There's a theory that women feel as though they have lost control of their body while pregnant, and making a decision to change their look on their own terms seems like a brilliant way to get some of that authority the time. If you are pregnant and thinking of cutting your hair, take a breather and wait until the baby comes to revisit your quest for control.


I know it sounds crazy. Who in their right mind would completely change their hair style before walking down the aisle?! But it happens. Weddings can make future newlyweds go crazy in a way that scientist are likely still trying to understand, and that includes rash decision about physical appearance. We all want to look our best on the big day, but it is important to keep in mind that your S.O. fell in love with the way you look right now — among all your other redeeming qualities, of course. Avoid any possible disaster by treating yourself to a fresh trim, not an all-over new 'do.


Speaking as a young brunette that attempted to box dye her hair blonde, before the grade 9 photos, I beg you to heed this warning: Do not attempt to massively alter your look before a new school year. It is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. However, if you're craving a fresh start, there are ways to make it work. Take time to think it through and perhaps partner with your stylist to see what may work best for your face shape or complexion. This advice doesn't end at high school, either. I think we all remember the reaction Felicity got when she went from a gorgeous curly mane, to a super short pixie during her Sophomore year of college.


Sure, this sounds a little vague, but when it comes down to it any times of major stress is bound to make you go a little nutty. It comes back to the idea of not having control over a situation, and feeling the sudden urge to take hold of something in order to feel tangible again. It could be the loss of a loved one, a big interview, a major family event, a really bad breakup...anything that affects you emotionally and leaves you feeling a little helpless. In order to avoid a bad hair cut that can send you into an even higher stress mode, shelve the idea until such time that you feel calm, cool, and collected.

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