The Future Of Texting Is Here – And It Has Gifs

by Emma Cueto

This Father's Day you can give your dad the gift of gifs–and thanks to a new app you can send them via text message. That's right, there's a new iOS app called Nutmeg that lets you send gifs in a text massage, meaning we no longer have to write out "facepalm" when our friends epically fail. Now we can send them our favorite facepalm gif to properly express our dismay.

Or, at least in theory we can. The app doesn't allow you to use any gif in existence; rather, users choose from Nutmeg's gif library, and then once you find one you like, you click on it to insert it into a text message. So far their library is limited, but they're looking to keep expanding. And the gifs are already sorted into helpful categories like "So Excited" and "Ugh Fail" and "Awesome." They're also looking to keep up with current events and right now have included a "World Cup" category.

I think we can all agree that this is an excellent idea. And really, the biggest question is why no one thought to do this before. That, and why is it called Nutmeg? Because it spices up text messaging, I guess? Shrug. Or should I say:

Yeah, texting is about to get so much better. Goodbye emojis, hello gifs.

Nutmeg is free in the Apple Store, so iPhone users, what are you waiting for. The future of texting has arrived and it has a gif library.