Your Father's Day GIF Guide

by Erika Owen
Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Years ago, Father's Day was all about the homemade cards and Crayola'd signs. Lately, you can't jump on the web without finding some ad or write-up on the perfect presents for his big day. But while a present is always going to be a good idea when it comes to giving your dad or the dad in your life the best of Sundays, try spending the entire day with him for some real memories.

Living too many miles away from the coolest dad you'll ever meet, I don't get to go on any of those father-daughter dates we used to enjoy once in a while on a lazy Sunday. So, let me impart some Father's Day wisdom to the rest of you — trust me, he'll appreciate the attention from the daughter he thinks he may have lost to a career or...some guy (cue impending doom noise). If you're fortunate enough to live close enough to take your old man out on the town, read on. Even if you're not, there are some tips in there for you, too.

So, take a break from the typical list of manly must-haves for Father's Day and give this GIF guide a go — you can thank us for helping you completely nail the Father's Day thing later.


Every good day starts with a solid breakfast. Whether you bring him a pile of pancakes in bed or set up his seat at the table complete with a newspaper and fresh-squeezed orange juice, he'll not only appreciate the homemade gesture, you'll get first dibs on the leftovers.

Reading Break

There's no way he'll be doing any reading while downing that extravagant breakfast you put together. Give him some digesting time with the good old daily to put his mind in the right space. It'll give you a chance to catch those zzz's you missed while cooking.

Movie Date

If there's any day to dish out the dough and sit through an action-packed, plot-less movie, it's Father's Day. Let him choose the movie and snacks — and make sure to foot the bill.


Best to find a bar with a special on boneless wings or something. Because that's what dad's like best, right? Just make sure you grab the bill before he does.

Write Him a Letter

Here's where the gift-giving comes into play: If there's anything I've learned in my 20-some years as a daughter, it's that a thoughtful, hand-written letter will be treasured for years to come. Not only have I been told it's the best gift you can give, you'll give him something to remember along with the day full of memories. Pro tip: Remember to sign it off with a his childhood nickname for you. Cue the dad tears.

Bar Stop

After sharing a few thoughts via pen and paper, stop by his favorite bar for a quick drink. Maybe if you're lucky (and you buy him a drink or two) he'll show you some of his bar tricks. If he's more comfortable at home whipping up his own cocktail and you're looking for the perfect present, try one of these boozy Father's Day gifts.

Story Sharing and Secret Handshakes

Make sure you take some time for the buzz to wear off with a few stories from the "old days." Some of the best memories can come from hilarious barside recounts that'll make you think twice about how boring you thought your parents were growing up. (Maybe you'll ever acquire a secret handshakes, seeing as those tend to happen after a few brews.) After a few doozies, drive him home and end the night on a home-cooked meal, family-style. Share the day's events with the rest of the family — but save a few details for just the two of you to reference years later.

Catch-Up Session

And if you aren't lucky enough to spend the day with dad, don't forget to give him a nice, long call. Sometimes taking a few minutes to catch up on life is the only present he's looking forward to.