Oprah's Going on 'Watch What Happens Live' With Andy Cohen — Prepare The Shotski!

Queen Oprah of House Winfrey will be setting aside her own talk show hosting prowess to sit in the other chair with Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Oprah and Andy on WWHL? ! We have but two words for you: Holy Shotskis. Thursday, the 15th of August can't come soon enough.

That's right, the queen of all of the medias (Ms. Winfrey if you're nasty), has agreed to — according to a report from Us Weekly — take part in a show that hosts a bevy of ballyhoo and a veritable smorgasbord of shenanigans. Indeed, Andy Cohen's off-the-cuff style of humor (mixed with a good-natured celebrity and plenty of libations, if they're so inclined) will no doubt be a shock to The Divine Miss O's senses, so we've created a list of potential questions she should be prepared to answer if she hopes to have any sort of success up against games like "Plead The Fifth" and other punderful playtime parodies, because we're certain that mentions of the phrase "lady pond" and Oprah BFF Gayle King will only be part of the madness between those oh-so boozy beats.

So enjoy the sample questions, Oprah, and read up on your popular culture. You never know which Housewife is going to call in and tell you that they're inspired to one day have a media empire like you!

- What would you rather have: arms like Michelle Obama or an ass like Beyoncé?- What did you really think of Tom Cruise's couch-jumping moments?- What are your least-favorite things?- Which family is crazier: The Kardashians or the Jacksons?- What are your thoughts (for real real, not for play play) on the whole Rae Dawn Chong thing?- Can you please give Amanda Bynes some real talk?- Do we get a new car?

I would take a car if you gave me one, Oprah. I'd do you that kindness, because I'm nice just like you!

Also: we're taking bets on what the secret word will be. Odds are on "Gayle," "favorite things," or some sort of verbal substitute for the official Oprah Bellow (which, as we all know, cannot be put into words alooooooo-oooooooone!).