Grumpy Cat Meets Disney Fairtytales In Hilarious Reinventing of Classic Cartoons — PHOTOS

Where would we even be without Grumpy Cat, really? In the latest endearingly miserable cat news, Tardar Sauce has lent her crotchety and all around irritable disposition to some of our favorite and most beloved Disney classics. The best part is, Tardar turned these fables on their heads without really doing anything other than, you know, existing, and being generally displeased about that. Evidently, Tardar Sauce served as the muse for digital artist Eric Proctor to take a more dismal approach to the typically overtly saccharine fairy tale tropes. After all, being an independent feline woman, Tardar doesn't need a prince to come and save the day. She's already made sure the day was ruined all by herself, thank you very much.

This isn't the first time our girl T.S. has brought her sullen flair to pop culture favorites. In the short time she's been internet infamous she's successfully on her way to ruining Christmas, been indifferent to children's programming (we hope you've seen the Sesame Street debacle), she's put David Letterman to shame, and she's even made Simon Cowell look like the reasonable judge on American Idol. She's got quite a reputation and we have to say, we're totally digging it, despite the fact that she'd be annoyed by our enthusiasm.

Check out Grumpy Cat-ified Disney classics below and tell us if you can't identify with at least one of the depictions. I mean, I don't ever want to have to share my pasta with anyone, let alone the same damn noodle. Also, it should be noted that each picture is entitled with Tardar's favorite, universally acknowledged word: NO!





We're so indifferent for you, Tardar. Truly.

Images: Eric Proctor