Will These Celebs Ever Stop Complaining?

After The White Stripes’ Jack White recently apologized to The Black Keys for claiming that the duo copied his music, the musician seemed to take out his anger on a different group this time. During his set at Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 14, White criticized Rolling Stone magazine on a stage in front of his fans.

In fact, Rolling Stone is the magazine that first published the scathing interview with White’s negative comments about The Black Keys and other artists earlier this summer. So instead of leaving his apology as it was, he just had to go after someone else, because rather than placing the blame with yourself, another person must be held responsible, right?

In the midst of his set, which happened to be two hours and 30 minutes long, White decided to diss the magazine, calling it a tabloid.

“Who makes music happen?” White asked the crowd. “Does a tabloid like Rolling Stone make music happen? You and I make it exist!”

Yes, why not publicly blame one of the leading publications in the magazine industry for your own silly mistakes? That seems like the way to go. Besides, the blame game seems to have been a common trend this weekend after Kanye West too criticized the press during his set on Friday, June 13.

The rapper, who had a pretty rough time during his 2008 Bonnaroo show when playing after Pearl Jam at 4:30 a.m. for a small crowd, clearly holds a grudge. Not that we didn’t all already know that.

“Last time I got here, before I even arrived, they had ‘fuck Kanye’ on the motherfucking portapotties,” West said to the crowd. “But this shit, we gonna piss on them, on their motherfucking portapotties."

After ranting about his experience with Pearl Jam, West continued his tirade by criticizing the media for reportedly making him look bad.

“How many of y’all give a fuck about what the press say?” West asked. “Look at how they try to make me look. They try to make me look crazy. And the people that write that, I don’t see them performing for 90,000 motherfuckers. They can’t even perform for their child.”

I’m not sure what being able to perform as anything to do with being able to raise your children, and clearly there’s a pattern here with the press. I mean… I understand why he would be pissed about what happened with Pearl Jam at the time (if that actually happened), but it’s 2014 now and the world has moved on. Sometimes it’s better to just be the bigger person and let it go.

West hates on the press for a lot of things, but there has to be some sort of reason why musicians like White and West find it’s the best time to call out the people they dislike while they’re performing.

I honestly don’t know what that reason is aside from the fact that they’re typically speaking to hundreds or thousands of adoring fans that will worship them despite how bitter they are, but everyone needs to take a chill pill. I haven’t used that phrase since high school, so it’s pretty evident that this is a problem.

Although I’m sure the adrenaline rush one experiences when performing in front of a crowd can incite some of these comments, it’s about time that these “adults” just take a breather and realize that it’s so much easier to brush something off than to bottle up their anger over something so trivial.

Image: giphy; degrassi.wikia.com