'Game Of Thrones' Introduced Another New Creature

by Keertana Sastry

With all the surprises Game of Thrones has already given us — the death of Joffrey, Tyrion's trial by combat, the epic Battle at the Wall — the Season 4 finale has just introduced another big shock: The arrival of Game of Thrones' extremely creepy skeleton creatures, or wights, who may or many not be scarier than even the White Walkers. For those who missed their big introduction, Bran Stark and his partners in journey, Hodor, and the Reed siblings, were on their way to the find the three-eyed raven that Bran keeps seeing in his dreams. This journey, Jojen says, is supposed to take them to a mystical tree called the weirwood tree. Finally, after barely being able to stand let along walk anymore, the group finally comes across the tree.

But this is where the danger lies, the group comes across the horrifying skeleton creatures. They're seriously terrifying. The group — basically Hodor — fights off as many skeletons as he can in what is yet another awesome fight sequence from Game Of Thrones which proving that Season 4 is its most exciting yet. But back to the skeleton creatures. They are horrible. And even worse than the skeletons and their fight with Hodor is the outcome which leads to the unfortunate death of Jojen Reed.

So what the heck are these crazy things? They're called wights. In the novels, they are dead men or creatures that are raised by the White Walkers. They are attracted to the warm-blooded creatures and will attack whenever they smell the blood so basically all living creatures are screwed. Even worse, wights feel no pain and will continue fighting and attacking even if they sustain wounds and injuries. So in a lot of ways, they're like zombies.

The wights were protecting the cave where the three-eyed raven lives and during the fight with Hodor and the Reeds, the only thing that stops the wights from killing everyone is the emergence of one of the "the children", which are humanoids that have supernatural powers. The girl child leads Bran, Meera and Hodor to the three-eyed crow who looks like an old man covered in tree branches. He tells Bran he's been waiting for him and he will be able to walk again. Well isn't that just super convenient and mysterious. I don't know about all of you but I can't wait to find out what happens these wights and how exactly The Children can stop them.

Images: HBO (2)