Where's Dany's Third Dragon? Drogon Is AWOL

by Casey Rackham

Daaaang, Dany's dragons be crazy. In the season finale of Game of Thrones, it was super creepily revealed that Daenerys Targaryen's dragons have been basically killing babies. But we all know which one is leading the pack and instigating all of this char-filled murder: Drogon. You know, the fierce black and red colored dragon that's obviously the meanest one out of the three. He's also named after Dany's late husband Drogo, so, yeah, he's tough.

In one of Dany's "let the people I've freed complain to me" sessions, a man in rags walks in carrying a covered bundled of god-knows-what (so many things were going through my mind), and, unfortunately, it turns out to be a completely burned skeleton. The man can barely speak as he tries to explain what happened:

I have brought to you... He came from the sky... The black one... The winged shadow... Came from the sky and... My girl... My little girl.

So yeah, it was pretty tough to watch a father explain that one of Dany's dragons brutally killed his three-year-old daughter. But didn't we all see this coming? Major foreshadowing happened earlier in the series when Dany's trusty, ex-right hand man said, "Dragons, Daenerys. They can never be tamed — even by their mother." Obviously they can't be tamed... they're fire-breathing dragons that love to eat meat! Uh-duh, Daenerys.

However, the worst part is that no one has any idea where Drogon is at. Apparently the last time anyone else saw him was three days ago when he was flying over the Black Cliffs. Only her two other dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal, have returned to their dungeon cave. And just to be safe, she totally chained them back up, and, to say the least, they were some seriously unhappy campers. A lot, a lot of dragon screaming and whining happened. (It was actually pretty sad and made me feel that feeling of when you have to go on vacation and say goodbye to your pets and they're all sad and teary-eyed.)

So is Drogon ever going to come back? Well, according to the books, he definitely is. But, there's definitely going to be more murder. In George R. R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons, Drogon eventually is drawn back when he smells blood at a fighting pit. Then he gets into a battle with an animal handler and Daenerys runs to his aide — he is her baby, after all — and she jumps on his back and they fly away together. Because, honestly, we all know that Daenerys loves her dragon babies more than actual human beings. They're freakin' dragons!

Images: HBO; fanpop.com