'The Leftovers'' Trailer Song Is Haunting Because James Blake's Music Is Perfect For The Show

If you've seen HBO's incredible trailer for The Leftovers, you've felt the incredible chills that come along with it and you're probably wondering what angel of music is helping those chills along with his haunting "ooh-ooh-oohs." Avid fans of the soulful, yet ethereal musical stylings of one James Blake will like recognize his hit song "Retrograde" leading us into The Leftovers' rapturous reality.

In case you refuse to watch any HBO programming aside from Game of Thrones, The Leftovers is a series from the combined mental powers of Peter Berg (you can thank him for Friday Night Lights), Damon Lindelof (you're probably still mad at him for the LOST finale), as well as The Leftovers author Tom Perotta and Sarah Aubrey. Bonus: the series also stars Justin Theroux (Jennifer Anniston's mega handsome and talented fiance) leading us through a rapture-esque event (though, as the story is explored, we're less and less sure about what this rapture is or how it works). The mysterious event takes a huge fraction of the population away in a flash, leaving everyone else — the leftovers, if you will — to deal with the aftermath and the utter confusion.

Blake's "Retrograde" couldn't be more perfect paired with this grounded, yet borderline supernatural plot line. It brings the outlandish part back down to earth and sends the emotional part into the heavens. Oh, and it also makes us ridiculously excited for the June 29 premiere. It more than makes up for the loss of Game of Thrones in the wake of the Season 4 finale.

Here's the trailer with Blake's song:


And the full video for "Retrograde":

jamesblakeproduction on YouTube

Is it just us or are they working with a similar aesthetic?

Image: HBO