'Game of Thrones' Stannis Gets The Hip Hop Tribute He Deserves In "Stannis The Mannis" — VIDEO

Poor Stannis — never quite getting the allegiance he deserves, even if he is the "one true King." But now we've got a remedy, albeit a brief one, for all of that. Here's a video of Game of Thrones ' Stannis Baratheon as "Stannis The Mannis," because even if he's methodical, the King of Stage Whispers and Long Stares, it was about time he got a hip-hop video hyping up his game. Because let's face it — it's not going to be easy for him to win over everyone, even if he is, by legacy, the next in line to the throne. A little propaganda never hurt, did it?

Besides, it's pretty timely. Even though Stannis mostly just talked big game, he actually did something big in the Season 4 Finale. He approached the wall, and he captured Mance Rayder. Even if he says "I am the one true king" more than he actually acts like it, and even if the most exciting things he has going on are his cryptic lady-pal Melisandre and his fingerless accomplice Davos, he actually accomplished something in that episode.

So naturally, he needs a video hyping him up even more now. Plus, it features Melisandre dancing, which is both weird and hilarious.

Check it out:

FatBoyStoich on YouTube

Image: HBO