When Is Christina Ricci’s Baby Due? She’s Sneaky But Here’s Our Best Guess

When Christina Ricci's pregnancy was first confirmed, she was clearly pretty far along already but somehow she kept it a secret. For your average person who doesn't face the threat of paparazzi and tabloids, this is easy, but for an actress like Ricci, it was quite impressive. That's why the question of when Christina Ricci's baby is due is a confusing one. Sure, we can do research and make guesses, but obviously she's a sneaky lady and has gotten things past us before. A year from now we're all going to go, "Hey! Wasn't Christina Ricci pregnant?" and find out she had the baby months ago.

But, if you're really curious about when Ricci is going to have her baby, the answer takes a bit of math. Ricci's pregnancy was publicly revealed on May 24 after she was photographed leaving LAX visibly pregnant and her rep confirmed the news to Us Weekly. At this point, she looked to be at least four months along, but everyone is different so who knows. If she was four months along, her baby will be due in October or November. (See, this is where the math comes in.)

Adding to this theory in the fact that Ricci posted a selfie on Twitter on April 29 while wearing a t-shirt that Hollywood Life notes was "just baggy enough to keep her bump under wraps." Ay yi yi! As if Christina Ricci would purposely wear a slightly loose shirt in order to keep the pregnancy a secret from her followers. (Or would she..?) Anyway, if we're going to look really into this, I would say that, yes, Ricci was probably four months along in the airport picture because she wasn't very far along in the selfie taken only a month before. Is this excessive research? Maybe, but I'm just trying to give the people what they want.

Then again, Ricci could be further along and the baby will come in September. Or she could be less far along and the baby will come in December.

Just wait 'til the dang baby is born, then we'll know for sure, okay?! (We might have to wait until, at long last, she walks through LAX with her three-year-old kid.)