Sofia Coppola's 'The Little Mermaid' Needs a Gender-Bending Cast

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So word on the street is that androgynous model and superhero to the gender fluidity movement, Andrej Pejic will play a mermaid sister of Ariel's in Sofia Coppola's live-action adaptation of that classic tale, The Little Mermaid . It's a very exciting and important development indeed!

It also, naturally, got us thinking: who else should be cast? After all, this retelling will likely not see talking shrimp and dancing crabs — there will be people in those roles. And really, it is a story about transforming your current self into who you really truly feel yourself to be: and what better way to do that than capitalize on gender and sexual identity? All Ariel wants to be is part of that world, after all.

Let's give her some like-minded friends and give this classic story an LGBT spin.

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